HE 250WG cherry wood cabinet

HE 250WG cherry wood cabinet
HE 250WG cherry wood cabinet

Model# HE-250WG  wood grain cabinet

Name: Electronic Air Purifier with LCD screen and remote control

Features: 6 stages of air purification processes.

products size: 270*210*300mm


1. Easy maintenance and replace the air filters, back cover can pull out by hand, no tools needed.

2. UL CE listed electronic components such as fan, UL light, etc.

3. Big air flow : 300CFM

4. UV and Ozone can be on/off separately.

5. Safety features: the unit off power automatically when you take out the back cover.

6. Fan grill has large airflow, low noise level.

Product Description

  • Multiple air intake vents effective in purification coverage.
  • Large flow rate rapidly purifies indoor air.
  • High-performance HEPA filter services last no less than one year.
  • Effective filtration of particulates as small as 0.1~0.3 micron.
  • Excellent dust collection rate of up to 99.97%.
  • Effectively remove dust, odors and smoke.
  • UV germicidal and TIO2 technology to suppress growth of micro-organisms.


Home, Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Motel, Smoking areas, Basement, Veterinary hospital, Day care Center,  Pet House, RV, Car, Boat, Clinic, School

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