HE-150H Car air purifier (DC 12V)

HE-150H Car air purifier (DC 12V)
HE-150H Car air purifier (DC 12V)

HE-150H Mini portable ozone generator, professional for Vehicle air puriifer
3500mg ozone output, 2 hour timer, Hold function for optional
1 PC high qualtiy ceramic ozone plate. ( more than 7000 hours)

Power consumption: 35W
Input voltage: DC 12V
Product size: 205*175*150mm
Packing size: 265*240*210mm
N. W. /G. W.: 2.0KGS/2.5KGS

Powerful, low noise level, portable, light. Easy maintenance
High-powered oxidation in a compact, lightweight, rugged, and simple design.
Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate, longer lifespan
Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed
Pre-filter to remove large particle
High quality electronic parts, UL listed fan

1. Clean air vehicle
2. Remove bacteria and viruses, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, heavy metal pollution etc.
3. Remove the smoke smell, dog smell, molds etc.
4. After disinfection the ozone can be automatically decompose, no smell, no residue. It does not contain chemicals harmful to humans, and has no effect to the environment; Does not remain any harmful substance, no second pollution caused by cars. Because ozone can be decomposed into oxygen soon.

5. Car ozone disinfection machine let you to breathe again fresh air.

Corrosion is no problem on modern cars. You should take care on rubber and smooth plastic parts.

With 3 Years factory warranty

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